The cold treatment for her and him

The power of cold

In the health sector, cold therapy is a treatment method recognized by health insurance companies for the purpose of pain relief. Like all tissues in the body, bones, joints, intervertebral discs, ligaments and muscles age. Decades of stress and the resulting wear and tear on physical structures result in Back pain – and the metabolism also changes with age.

Stays in the cryosauna  are offered for health resorts for example. The collective term rheumatism covers around 450 different diseases. Pain in muscles and joints, stiff knees, back pain or swollen and reddened joints are typical manifestations. Incredible: around 20 million people in Germany suffer from rheumatic diseases.


Our ice cold treatment:

Athletes are supported through the use of cryotechnology in the phases of rehabilitation and regeneration. Many professional and recreational athletes are among our customers. Cryogenic technology is also used for sports injuries with the aim of reducing downtime for athletes. This method has long been used by football clubs such as Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen.

Professional athletes appreciate the positive effect. World star Cristiano Ronaldo bought his own home cryosauna. In the USA, cryotherapy is used by a wide variety of clubs from the top leagues MLS, NHL and NBA.

The price of the treatment?

Analysis, study and evidence


Further details and assessments of the use of cryogenic applications in the medical field and in sport can be found in the analysis by Prof. Dr. Uwe Lange (Kerckhoff Clinic Bad Nauheim): For the analysis of Prof. Dr. Uwe Lange in the pdf document You will also find a study by Dr. Winfried Papenfuß: To the study by Dr. Winfried Papenfuß in the pdf document Please note that the effectiveness of cryogenic applications is assessed differently in science. We are convinced of its effectiveness and would therefore like to offer it to our customers.